Je Suis Mira Mesa


The Grandfather


Quite possibly many folks in our community do not realize the full extent of the aging GRANDE DAME of MIRA MESA, our very own MIRA MESA COMMUNITY PARK.

From the beginning our Grand Dame has occupied approx. 17 acres right in the heart of “downtown” Mira Mesa. With the March 2018 opening of the new 11 acre addition her total size has been increased to approx. 28 acres. (Middle age spread?)

With the completion of the 11 acre addition the campus is home to the Gil Johnson Recreation Center, Verne Goodwin Senior Center, Outdoor Basketball Courts, Gazebo, Two Children’s Playgrounds, Restroom/Concession Stand Building, Shaded Central Plaza, Mira Mesa Town Council Volunteer of the Year monument, Veterans Memorial and flag pole, many Multi Sport Playing Fields and plenty of room to run and play, all on one campus! 

Appended to the campus is the SDFD Station 38, the Mira Mesa Branch of the SD Public Library and the EPICENTRE, which currently only houses the Community Office of the SDPD as well as the RSVP.

Now that’s what I’d call one helluva complex and it’s directly across the street from the award winning MIRA MESA HIGH SCHOOL. They’re literally so good that they blew their own horns… in the 2016 Rose Bowl Parade.

Next up for the Old Lady is the addition of some new facilities and the renovation/replacement of some existing facilities. 

Decisions, decisions…..

First on the list of is to renovate and expand the old Gil Johnson Recreation Center and add a new Aquatic Complex. These are needed cuz Gil’s existing Center is waaaay to small and Ned’s Complex is really overloaded. 

While we’re at it, we’ll tear down the existing Basketball Courts, Gazebo and the original Children’s Playground, replace them with brand new state-of-the-art facilities and incorporate plenty of shaded areas for protection from the suns damaging rays. How about a large elevated gazebo similar to the one in the Old Poway Park. It would be great for hosting events like a band concert, community dance or theatrical performance.

This is a great opportunity for the Community of Mira Mesa and the City of San Diego to truly turn the MIRA MESA COMMUNITY PARK into one of the CROWN JEWELS of the Northern portion of the City of San Diego.

Alas, all of this will require many millions of dollars and perhaps as much as 4-6 years to complete. But hopefully, a new facility will come on line every few years now that the ball has started rolling.

While all this is going on, in parallel, the folks with the MIRA MESA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION are prepared to operate the now vacant EPICENTRE as a teen and community center when the wise folks at City Hall finally see the light.

Again in parallel, another group of MIRA MESANS are pursuing having a bridge built over Mira Mesa Blvd. to safely connect MMHS and their parking lot to the park. It was suggested by some old guy that they should hire some of the dudes who dig tunnels under the border rather than build a bridge… would save a lot of money!

And then, of course, there’s a myriad of possibilities of what might be built in the park, there’s even a group of Mira Mesas “original kids” who want the caterpillar at the old playground renovated, restored and reinstalled in the new playground for their kids to enjoy. It just goes on and on and on… stay tuned to, something good Is sure to happen!  

And, always, ALWAYS, remember that “politics” and “bureaucracy” are NOT synonymous with “speed” and “expedite” !!


Je Suis Mira Mesa

October 2018