Je Suis Mira Mesa


The Grandfather


It’s that time of the year again, Thanksgiving. A special time for giving thanks. This year I give a grateful thank you to one very special person…

… A friend and a mentor. We’ve all had them.  But we don’t usually find them upon entering our fifth score of years. But that is exactly what happened to me!  

Here I was, a bit of a crusty old goat when I met a younger guy still well within his mid fourth score of years. He started telling me that he liked what I was saying and I should put it in writing. Nah, not me, that’s not my thing.

Well, with continued prodding and encouragement I decided to give it a go. Years ago I had evolved into one of the go-to-guys within my company when it came to writing creative proposals for large dollar projects, usually a professional convention or sports facility somewhere in the great 48 or the western Provence’s of Canada.

Sooo… I put into writing my life’s experiences when hospitalized and fired for effect… the old fool loved it… suggested a couple of minor tweaks.  A while after that he arranged through another friend to present my “master piece” to a bunch of seniors at the Verne Goodwin Senior Center hoping that a few of those folks would get interested in documenting some of their life’s experiences. Well… many of them chuckled, a few were shocked, but as far as I know that’s as far as it went. 

That’s really to bad, they just didn’t get it… but I did… I actually wrote something that made folks chuckle! Wow, how cool is that!  

And, then another friend started referring to me as Mira Mesas Mark Twain. Ridiculous!  But it was great fuel for my ego!  

It was then that I remembered that as a younger guy some my idols were great newspaper columnists such as Herb Cain in San Francisco, Irv Kupcinet and Mike Royko in Chicago and Jimmy Breslin in New York. Today I eagerly look forward to Sunday mornings, in my recliner, with my coffee, reading Sara Libby’s column in the Voice of San Diego… she is reminiscent of those legendary guys of old!  You can read Sara’s Sunday column along with me at

After that I caught the writing bug and adopted the pen name of  “The Grandfather”.  Now he writes the bulk of the stuff and most of the other Outreach efforts of the Recreation Councils of Mira Mesa.

“Je Suis Mira Mesa” is The Grandfathers flagship column.

It appears monthly in, which, more than likely, is where you found this column that you’re reading right now. Oh, that “great story” that I wrote about my hospitalizations… well it’s  now scheduled for major reconstructive surgery! When it’s fully recuperated it will be one of The Grandfathers future columns in 2019.

And that mentor I mentioned back in the first paragraph… he came and went in my life like a bright shooting star and I miss his wisdom and encouraging comments. Unfortunately, I can’t begin to compete with Linda, a delightful lady from New Zealand who now has his complete attention… even took him there to meet the family!!

Thanks Ken, wherever you are… I will forever appreciate your friendship and encouragement.


Je Suis Mira Mesa

November 2018