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Je Suis Mira Mesa


The Grandfather

Many embrace term limits for our politicians. It’s a great idea, it keeps politicians from getting deeply entrenched and doing things contrary to our wants, needs and desires for years and years. All true!

However, there are others sides to the issue…

First, we lose the ability to keep a really good and productive politician in office doing what our community needs to be done.

Second, short term politicians tend to concentrate on short term solutions to long term problems which will never solve the problem.

Third, we lose the ability to vote an ineffective politician out of office, instead folks say things like “it’s only one more term and he’ll be out”. De facto, ineffective politicians are never fired and leave office bragging about what a great job they did when campaigning for another elected office.

Fourth, there are trade offs… In exchange for keeping politicians from getting entrenched, bureaucrats by the bushel get entrenched in the system and actually run things. The bureaucrats also know that “it’s only a few more years and they’ll be out” so they pay lip service to the current politician and then they and their fiefdoms go back to doing things their way when the newly elected politician shows up. This scenario keeps repeating and the bureaucrat corp keeps replicating and grows to hundreds, totally overwhelming new incoming politicians.

Personally, I do not find the trade of one ineffective politician who I can vote to fire, for a hundred or more entrenched bureaucrats that I can’t vote to fire, a very good trade. Oh, and by-the-way, we the tax payers pay all their salaries either way!

Wait, we pay their salaries?, doesn’t that mean they work for us?, and we can’t fire them?!?!

Je Suis Mira Mesa
November 2017


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