Je Suis Mira Mesa


The Grandfather

This year, 2018, on June 5th and again on November 6th we will all be casting our vote for someone to represent Mira Mesa on the San Diego City Council. Who will the winner be, the incumbent or a challenger? A Democrat, a Republican or perhaps a Libertarian? Will the winner be a man or a woman?

Thoughts and questions like these started me wondering about the history of those who’ve represented our Community of Mira Mesa on the San Diego City Council. After a bit of research I soon learned that we’ve not always been District 6. In the 1970’s we were District 1, then District 5 in 1980 and District 6 in 2013.

Starting with Gil Johnson (Gil Johnson Recreation Center) in 1971, here’s a list of those who have represented us over the last 46 years.

City Council District 1

1971-1977 Gil Johnson, R

1978-1980 Bill Mitchell, R

City Council District 5

1980-1981 Fred Schnaubelt, L (re-districted)

1981-1988 Ed Struiksma, R

1989-1991 Linda Bernhardt, D (recalled)

1991-1993 Tom Behr, R

1993-2000 Barbara Warden, R

2000 Phil Blair, R (appointed)

2001-2008 Brian Maienschein, R

2009-2012 Carl DeMaio, R

City Council District 6

2013-2014 Laurie Zapf, R (re-Districted)

2015-20?? Chris Cate, R


Fred Schnaubelt and Laurie Zapf never ran for election in Mira Mesa but rather were a result of re-districting. Phil Blair never ran for election either, he was appointed to the office.

12 individuals, 9 – Men, 3 – Women

10 – Republicans, 1- Democrat, 1- Libertarian

Je Suis Mira Mesa!

May 2018