The City of San Diego is beginning the process of updating the Mira Mesa Community Plan for the first time since 1992. How does the Community Plan affect you? From the City of San Diego:

A community plan is a public document which contains specific proposals for future land uses and public improvements in a given community. A community plan is part of the City’s General Plan. It provides tailored policies and a long-range physical development guide for elected officials and citizens engaged in community development.

Typical elements found in a community plan include:

Land Use
Urban Design
Public Facilities and Services
Natural and Cultural Resources
Economic Development
Community Plan Development

The General Plan recognizes historical patterns of development where, over time, common land use issues and themes have arisen. Those issues and themes, in conjunction with natural topographic and human-made barriers, have developed into sub-areas of the City for which community plans have been developed. The community planning process allows refinement of citywide goals and policies to address issues unique to that community to be best addressed. A community plan is developed through a partnership of the recognized Community Planning Group, the public, and City staff, working together to identify land use policies and recommendation to guide future development of the community.

The Mira Mesa Community Plan Update will be a collaborative process with ongoing opportunities for public input. During the update process, Planning Department staff will work with the Mira Mesa community and the public to identify and consider important questions, issues, and opportunities including:

How will Mira Mesa grow over the next 20-30 years?

How can the community best plan for residential and employment growth?

What services, infrastructure or facilities are necessary to meet this growth?

How can we build on the positive economic effect of Mira Mesa?

The first Community Plan Update Open House is scheduled for Thursday, October 11, from 4pm until 7pm, at the Mira Mesa Recreation Center, 8575 New Salem.

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