A.K.A… Merry Mesa, Manila Mesa, Mira Mess
as well as the
Fairy Shrimp and Speed Bump Capital of San Diego.
by Al Radick

So… Wassup with Mira Mesa? Who are they? Wadda they have?
As of May 2018, Mira Mesa is comprised of approximately 10,500 acres roughly bounded by Penasquitos Canyon on the North, MCAS MIRAMAR on the South, I-15 on the East and I-805 on the West. The estimated current total population is 80,000 which makes Mira Mesa one of the two largest communities in the City of San Diego.

Mira Mesa’s population according to inewsource.org… is approximately 1% Hawaiian, 4% Black, 6% Unknown, 14% Hispanic, 29% White and 46% Asian with a population total of 80,685 folks.
A few of Mira Mesa’s most revered residents include Tim Allen, Ned Baumer, Verne Goodwin, Gil Johnson and Orlando Vernacchio. They have each been honored with an individual memorial. A whole host of others have been honored as “Mira Mesa Volunteer Of The Year” every year since 1984 and they are collectively being honored with a monument at Mira Mesa Community Park.

The Navy Pilots based at Miramar NAS during the WWII and Korean War era, named their auxiliary landing field “Hourglass Field”… its a heavily used Community Park today! The local Firehouse Subs sandwich shop chose to honor those pilots and their firefighters with a very large wall mural inside their restaurant.

Mira Mesa’s Public facilities, amenities and services include…

SDPD Store Front & RSVP Office

. Police coverage is provided by both the Northeast and Northwest Divisions of the SDPD.

Three (3) SDFD Fire Stations

, No’s. 38, 41 and 44.

Two (2) USPS Post Offices

, ZIP codes 92121 and 92126.

San Diego Public Library Branch


> San Diego Miramar College
> Mira Mesa High School
> Two (2) Middle Schools, Challenger and Wangenheim.
> Seven (7) Elementary Schools, Ericson, Hage, Hickman, Mason, Salk, Sandburg and Walker.


> Two (2) Community Parks, Hourglass Field and Mira Mesa.
> Ten (10) Neighborhood Parks, Breen, Camino Ruiz, Lopez Ridge, Maddox, McAuliffe, Mesa Verde, Mesa Viking, Sandburg, Walker and Westview.
> Five (5) Public School Joint Use Park areas which are appended to McAuliffe, Mesa Verde, Mesa Viking, Walker and Westview Parks.


There are three canyon access points (Trail Heads) in Mira Mesa.
> Camino Ruiz Park to Penasquitos Canyon.
> Lopez Ridge Park to Lopez Canyon.
> Sorrento Valley Blvd. to both Penasquitos and Lopez Canyons.
> Canyon Hills Open Space at the SW corner of Mercy Rd. & I-15


> Ned Baumer Aquatic Center at Hourglass Field Community Park.
> Verne Goodwin Senior Center at Mira Mesa Community Park.
> Field House at Hourglass Field Community Park.
> Gil Johnson Recreation Center at Mira Mesa Community Park.
> Recreation Center at Lopez Ridge Neighborhood Park.


Primary community organizations with 100% volunteer members…
> Mira Mesa Community Planning Group
> Mira Mesa Recreation Advisory Group
> Mira Mesa Town Council
> Sorrento Valley Town Council

Whooooa now… that’s one helluva community! Having lived in Mira Mesa for the last 40 plus years, like many others, I probably tend to take it a bit for granted… Shame on me!