Je Suis Mira Mesa


The Grandfather


This year, 2019, my concerns will be with existing addictions rather than any resolutions for the New Year.

Addictions, addictions, Oh so many addictions… alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, sugar and even sex!  These are the easy ones to understand albeit difficult to kick to the curb.

Almost 50 years ago I got rid of nicotine and 20 years ago or so I got  alcohol and sugar under control. I have no intention of attempting to deal with any sex addiction I may have as it’s way too much fun and that damned old Father Time has taken over that chore… without even discussing it with me!

Now some new addictions have surfaced in our society… Social Media, Smart Phones, Social Media, Internet Gaming, Social Media and the Apple Watch!  Yes, you read that right… I said Apple Watch!

Currently, in my family we have Watch 1, 2 and 3 and within the next ten days or so a new Watch 4 will be delivered to my front door and Watch 1 will be returned to Tim Cook and his minions for a credit against the cost of its new sibling, Watch 4. I’ll be passing Watch 3 down to my granddaughter. Hmmm, Not sure how I’m going to explain to Allyson why I’m leaving her for a new model.

I need to digress a bit here… I named my Watch 3 “Allyson” in honor of a delightful lady who now lives in the Sacramento area. Allyson was my personal trainer when she lived near Balboa Park several years ago… she always bitched at me to get up off my butt and walk or exercise in some form. That’s exactly what Watch does, so it seemed only right that I name Watch 3 in her honor and, with her permission, I’ll probably continue doing the same with Watch 4. While Watch 4 is a big improvement over previous models, there is no way that the original Allyson can be improved on, augmented, maybe… improved, no way!

Watch 4, I’m told, has the usual minor improvements that are typical of Apple along with a few major additions to its bag of tricks. Watch 4 can tell if I’ve fallen and will automatically call 911 for help in one minute unless I tell it that I’m O.K. and its not necessary! How cool is that!

Watch can now function as a Walkie Talkie between Watches and soon, with a software update, Watch 4 will be able to take an Electro Cardiogram of my heart function and send it, with my permission, directly to my doctor.

So I think “Allyson” and I will stay joined at the wrist where she can continue to remind me that “it’s time stand up” or to “go for a nine minute walk”… but please Allyson, please don’t send me any more messages like you did last Friday morning when I was in the middle of my morning constitutional in the bathroom and you sent me the message “Time to stand up”.

No Allyson, it really wasn’t the right time for me stand up. 😂

Je Suis Mira Mesa

 January 2019