Scripps-Mesa Garden Club to Learn Inexpensive Qays to Diagnose Soil and Correct Problems

May’s meeting of the Scripps-Mesa Garden Club will be a garden tour of a residence in Scripps Ranch. There the group will enjoy the beautiful roses and other lavish plantings that enhance this European-inspired garden. Since this experience takes place at a private home, the May Garden Club tour is limited to registered members.

However, the Scripps-Mesa Garden Club will return to its regular venue at the Scripps Ranch Library Community Room for the June 25th meeting. Visitors who enjoy gardening are welcome to join the gathering there.

Starting at 6 pm with a brief social time and short business meeting, the gardeners will then hear a talk about how to determine the health of soil and how to use simple and inexpensive ways to remedy the problems diagnosed. For those of us who garden between the clay and the rocks, the talk will help us design a more productive experience without expensive lab tests and costly remedies.

The June speaker, who grew up in Mira Mesa, offers a quick tip on how to use worms to determine the health of soil. He suggests digging up one cubic foot of soil, which is about one heaping garden shovelful, and counting the worms. Healthy soil will have 10 or so. Anything much less and we have work to do. He will suggest some inexpensive remedies.

The meeting will end with a plant share when gardeners make the products of their gardens available to one another.

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The Scripps-Mesa Garden Club is featured in this month’s 92131 Magazine: